Enhance your next get together with HotBunzz™! You choose the international flavours you want to experience and if you want them in our regular HotBunzz™ catering "street" size or our larger “meal” size.

Pre-order your HotBunzz™ for a quick, easy and unique catering alternative. Treat your guests or clients to HotBunzz™ at your Office Meetings, Training sessions, Openings & Private Parties. Don't forget to ask about our FREE DELIVERY!


Invite the HotBunzz™ crew!

"Popping up" is what we do best … it’s how we started and it’s the best way to enjoy HotBunzz™! For your larger event let us bring our staff and setup to you with products served fresh from our oven. It is the best way to enjoy the HotBunzz™ Street Cuizine experience!

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Let us start baking for you!
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Catering Date
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